Beauty: Not So Recent Empties Post #3


Firstly, a HUGE thanks to everyone who entered my giveaway. And a massive apology from me for not announcing the winner yet. Don't worry, nothing's gone wrong, I still have a mystery beauty box which is so full of things I had to move it from an old Boudoir Prive box to an empty Lux box in order to fit it all in. I've been absurdly busy now I am back at work and I'm still in that crazy adjusting to my new routine mode. And now I am busy tapping away at my laptop whilst on a train to Scotland to spend time with my Mum who has a special birthday on the horizon, and I didn't want to draw the winner until I was in a position to actually send the box! So, if you could hold out a teeny bit longer I'd appreciate it a lot :) Im only 5 followers away from 50, which will surely mean another giveaway on the horizon as well!

Anyhoo, I have today for you a really old collection of empties. Doing it monthly wasn't working for me. Some months I get overexcited and open so many different beauty products that I don't finish anything at all. So now I'll just collect empties until I have a decent enough stash to write about them, then I'll put up a post. Sounds good, no?

402 photo 402.jpg

Not a huge amount for this post, but I get the feeling I have other empties photos lurking around so I'm sure another post will be along soon.

  • The Sanctuary Luxury Bath Foam - this was part of a gift set. nice and bubbly, with a slightly different scent to what I would choose myself.  I probably wouldn't buy it again but at the same time, if I am given any as a gift I will be more than happy.
  • Balance Me Super Moisturising Body Wash - I went off Balance Me for a bit after the beauty box market became a bit saturated with the products but in all honesty, that's very unfair on the brand. I enjoyed using this shower gel a lot, it was nice and moisturing and I felt lovely and clean after using it. I would buy this again in the future (this one came in a beauty box).
  • Dead Sea Magik moisturiser - I got this in an early beauty box, used it all up and then popped the empty into a drawer in my bedside table. Classic hoarder behaviour. This was a nice sample and it was moisturising but didn't especially wow me. I probably wouldn't buy it again but I'd be interested in trying more products in the range to see what they're like.
  • Korres rose SPF6 moisturiser - I've had a couple of samples of this through beauty boxes. Its no good for me as a day cream, but not bad as a night cream/intensive moisturiser/makeshift hand cream. Im not a huge fan of rose-scented things so all in all, this wasn't really for me. I wouldn't buy this in the future.
  • Batiste Dry Shampoo - love these mini cans, so useful for travelling. Dry shampoo is the best at taming my fringe if I was to spruce up my slightly wild hair during the day (my hairline etc is not really formed in a fringe friendly way, I have a bit of a widow's peak and a whopping great cows lick, but a fringe is cheaper than botox for the lines on my forehead, so I find a way, oh yes). I buy the ginormous dry shampoo cans for home and the minis for travel and handbag (and I've had plenty of minis in beauty boxes, which is fine by me). Batiste probably isn't my most favourite dry shampoo but it does a fine job at a good price. I'll be buying again (and have probably half a dozen times over since taking this photo!)
  • Balance Me face moisturiser - its been a while since I took this photo and I wont like, I don't remember anything remarkable one way or another about this moisturiser. My skin is very picky, so it was unlikely to be a resounding success. Most of these types of products work best for me at night, as my skin tends to get greasy otherwise. Wouldn't purchase again.
  • Body Shop Passion Fruit body butter - passion fruit things are my absolute favourite. But not all body butters were created equally and I find this body butter leaves a bit of a greasy residue on my skin that others have not. Still, if you buy when there's an offer on you cant go wrong with slathering a load on after a bath or a shower to help your skin feel soft and smooth. I'll buy body butters again but not the passion fruit one. Woe.
  • Witch skin clearing primer - helps prevent breakouts and primes your skin for foundation? Brill. This primer worked reasonably well on my skin, I didn't see any extra breakouts when I used this. I haven't purchased it again since as I've been trying out different products, but I would give this one another whirl for sure.
  • TIGI Rockalot dirty secret dry shampoo - you might be able to see from the price sticker on this that I picked this up in the clearance at TK Maxx, along with the dry conditioner. Its not a bad dry shampoo, leaves your hair looking slightly less powdery than bastiste will. I'd buy it again if there was an offer on.
  • Korres Mint Tea Body Milk - picked this up from TK Maxx as well (I love going there to look at beauty products. Sometimes you can find some amazing things!) and I really liked it. The mint made it slightly cooling on the skin which was great in the heat (I did say these empties were old!) as I'm prone to heat rashes etc (delightful, eh?). Would definitely buy this again. 
  • Boots Botanics 3 minute deep conditioning hair mask - I've been using this for years and it doesn't disappoint. About a fiver for this big tub, no matter how overly generous you are in scooping some out it lasts for ages and I love the scent and the effects on my hair. Would definitely buy again.
And that, my dears, is another one of my empties posts. Not a bad mix of things I liked and things I didn't. I didn't actively hate any product, but some weren't best suited to me.

What products have you been using up lately?

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  1. I'd like to try that witch primer, anything that helps prevent breakouts is always a good thing! Enjoy your trip up here! Xo

    1. Thanks! Lovely to be back in beautiful Fife. I always forget how lush and green the place is. I'd do anything to move back to Scotland permanently but my sector is dealt with in a wildly different way in Scotland and I don't have the necessary qualifications. Booooo. Maybe one day!

  2. I don't like Rose scented things either erghh! I had those sanctuary bubbles though and quite liked them :) xx

    1. Yeah its a good little gift set (the Sanctuary one!), decent sized products in there and reasonable quality as well. Nice for a pamper session and everyone need a pamper session now and then, eh? :)

  3. I LOVE that Botanics hair mask, and I'm so disappointed that they've discontinued it :( It was amazing. I'm trying to find a replacement now and not having much luck. With my hair being coloured plus I blowdry and straighten it every other day when I wash it, if I don't pile on the conditioning treatments it gets very dry and breakable. I'd got into the habit of just using the mask instead of proper conditioner each time I washed, and now normal conditioners are a proper disappointment.

    I've tried (one of?) the Tresemme mask and it's crap. I'm using the L'Oreal Elvive Smooth and Polish mask at the moment and it's not bad, but it's not a patch on Botanics. I might have to start shelling out for more expensive products because having smooth and soft hair is actually really important to me in terms of my appearance, but I need recommendations of where to start with stuff similar to that Botanics mask! A friend with incredibly soft and shiny hair has recommended the TIGI Dumb Blonde Reconstructive stuff, despite not being blonde, so I might get to TK Maxx and give it a go. Having said that, she also has naturally very straight and shiny hair and so does her sister, unlike my frizzier wilder stuff!

    Don't mind me, I just have strong feelings about products I love for years that get discontinued! (Lancome L'Extreme mascara, I'm looking at you...)

    1. Oh flipping heck it hasn't been discontinued has it? What a NIGHTMARE. Recently I've tried Andrew Barton's Frizz Tamer mask, don't like the smell but it works a treat to make my hair smooth and glossy. You can get it from Asda and its about £3 for a big tub. I also love Louise Galvin's mask, its for thick/curly hair and I have neither, but as a real deep treatment its fab, smells of orange peel as well and is a carbon neutral product. I struggle to find it though, which is a shame as its really great!