A little about me.


Every good, bad or ugly blog should probably start with an introductory post!So, hello. My name is Loz (well, its not, but apart from work and family interaction, I prefer to be called Loz) and I'm the grand old age of 25. I come from St. Andrews in Scotland, famous for golf and the university (Prince William went there, no less.)A year and a bit ago I gave up joyful coastal town life to move to Watford to live with my partner in crime, who I affectionately call Monkey and we live with his parents, who are affectionately known as the 'in laws'. I work in social care, have a psychology degree and really hope that one day I can be Dr Loz with an exciting and challenging specialism. Perhaps one day. If I can't do that, I do have a pipe dream of running my own little tea room, serving nice homemade soups and cakes and other such things to people. If I win the jackpot on the lottery, I'd definitely go for it.

I've always been into making things. As soon as I could stand upright for long enough periods of time without toppling over, my Grandmother would have me stood on chairs at the kitchen counter or cooker, stirring a soup or a sauce or some cake ingredients. Good health and safety? No. Good way to learn how to do everything? Absolutely. My Grandmother also taught me how to knit and sew, both by hand and on a machine, I have also enjoyed doing tapestries in the past. When I was small my mother would always find the time to bake cakes and biscuits with me regularly. She and my Grandmother had fantastic recipe card boxes, mostly filled with baking recipes and I would get to root through them and choose things to bake. I learned all my basics in my home and my Grandmother's home (we were exceptionally close), anything else I learned from various cookery books or by pure trial and error. I spent one summer working in a kitchen as a food preparation assistant, with a fantastic head chef who treated me like a trainee chef and taught me a lot.

I can't and won't pretend to be an excellent chef, or baker, or knitter, or anything else. I'm nothing short of average at all these things. But I really, really enjoy all of them. Nothing compares to home-cooked food or home-made cakes. Nothing is more satisfying than making something yourself.

I made this blog simply to document the things I've made and seen and things that have interested/excited me in the food/craft world and anything else I feel is worth sharing with the world out there.

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