A quickie...


Hello world. I quit my job on Friday and I have two weeks off. Not a lot of crafting has taken place though, I've been trying to battle through my to-do list of boring, grown up admin. Wow, being a grown up is no fun at all! Monkey has been referring to me as a 'WAG' as I basically stay at home and go shopping and do 'nothing'. I thought I'd really enjoy it, but I haven't. Well, I enjoyed making him dinner yesterday and I intend to do some baking today and tomorrow, but I'd rather be at work, in all honesty. Which I guess is the correct answer!

Anyway, two small reasons to post today. Firstly, my oldest friend (who is younger than me by about 2 months, I've just known her the longest out of everyone, thus she is my oldest friend) is getting married this year, which is terribly exciting! I got my wedding invitation a little while ago and although I did let her know via Facebook that I'd be going, etiquette dictates you should really RSVP in writing. So I whipped up a quick card to say 'absolutely I'd love to come!':

As you can see, card making is not really my forte (nothing is to be honest!), but I was fairly pleased with it. The butterfly is flocked and fuzzy, who doesn't like a bit of that?!

I am a member of Brand Alley who have discount sales on various things (I have not linked to a referral page although if you were interested in joining and were going to be kind enough to mention me when you sign up, please let me know and I'll get some sort of referral link, otherwise, have at it without me!). I've had mixed but mostly good service from them, occasionally something I've ordered couldn't be delivered, then I've had my money back and a voucher to say 'sorry', you can't really argue with that. Today, they have a Bombay Duck sale and I'm a big fan! They have this doormat for £10. They have others but they're far too girlie for Monkey to ever ok it. I think I could get away with this on (the others have ladies shoes on them. He's never going to be ok with that!). Do I buy it? Hmmm. We don't technically have a door to call our own, but one day we will! Oh yes, one day! I'll probably spend the rest of my day deliberating over it. Because that's the sort of thing you can get away with when you are off work and behaving like a desperate housewife, your big decisions in life extend to whether or not you should buy a doormat. I should enjoy this kind of mundane existence while it lasts.

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