Adventures in interiors continued


My Mum decided to put an extension onto her house, and when she told me that a part of the extension was going to be a small seating area, I decided I'd like to make her some cushions for the chairs down there. My Mum is a big dog lover, and I found some delightful doggy-themed fabric on Ebay (other shopping sites are available!), which I ordered. This was last year some time. It took me until the other week to make her the cushions, being that I am a bit useless/I always end up having other things to do.

I used this book, which I believe my Mum bought for me as a present! I can highly recommend this book, I've made the cushions and the door stops from the book so far and they are easy to follow instructions which bear great results. My other half said if he didn't know better he would have thought I had bought the cushions. Which is great as Im in no way talented with a sewing machine, I can just use one :)
They are an envelope style, with cute ties to keep them closed. Here's the envelope top (I didn't quite stuff the cushion pad in properly it seems!

I didn't want to share this post until my Mum received the cushions, as I'm not sure if she reads this blog or not (if you do, hi mummy!). Perhaps she'll send me a picture of them in her extension which I can share at a later date!

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