Awards: One Lovely Blog Award


Imagine my delight when my good friend Bee awarded me the One Lovely Blog award the other day!


Im very honoured to receive my very first blogging award. Thank you Bee!

Award recipients post 7 facts about themselves and then pass on the award to 15 blogs they follow that they love.

  1. I was born in Dundee in Scotland and lived in St Andrews for 18 years before skipping off to Bangor in North Wales for uni. After graduation I moved home again to St Andrews, moving down to Hertfordshire one day before my 24th birthday. Despite living in Scotland longer than anywhere else and indeed being Scottish, I have little or no Scottish accent. It really perplexes people.
  2. I have a Psychology degree and my primary interests are in forensics/offending and autism. I used to work in the latter field, now I work in the former. I'd love to talk more about my job on this blog, because its such a hugely emotive subject and generally makes people recoil in horror when I tell them about it (which is somewhat unfair in all honesty). But, this isn't really the place to talk about it, is it? Plus, I devote most of my life to my work, this blog is supposed to be for the other parts of my life! 
  3. I've always loved fashion. In particular handbags and shoes. My favourite handbags are by the amazing Lulu Guinness and my favourite shoes would have to be Christian Louboutin. I don't own any CL shoes, but I do have a purse, clutch bag and bag from Lulu Guinness, which I adore.
  4. My 'if I won the lottery' dream would be to open a lovely cafe/tearoom and serve nice food and cakes to people. St Andrews has several little cafes like that which I think is what inspired me. Growing up there, there was always so many places to choose from to get good food.
  5. I'm not really an adventurous sort, I'm a total homebody. But if I had the opportunity, I would love to live in New York and then Toronto. I love those cities.
  6. Its only recently that I've gotten into makeup and beauty products. Once upon a time all I ever did was wear eyeliner and mascara. Now I have an exploding makeup collection! Beauty boxes and the like has definitely increased my interest in beauty products.
  7. I rarely eat breakfast, and never on week days, but breakfast dishes are probably some of my favourite foods! Pancakes, french toast, scrambled egg with smoked salmon on toasted bagels and the good old fashioned fry up. To die for!
And here is my list of 15 blogs that I tag:

Chills, Thrills & Spills - A great blog mixing fashion, art and creativity
Apropos of Nothing - A wonderful friend of mine and her fatshion blog
Essiebutton! - Essie's very fun and funny makeup, beauty and fashion blog
French For Cupcake - Claire's baking posts never fail to make me hungry, but there's lovely fashion posts and instagram pictures thrown into the mix too!
Kitschy Coo - A hilarious blog from an extremely talented children's clothing creator. She also makes grown up clothes too and posts tutorials and excellent pictures/diagram representations of real life stories. Brilliant.
Handbags and Fashion Rags - An excellent fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog.
Every Yesterday - A longtime online friend of mine who is documenting what must surely be the world's most amazing tattoo that she's getting done.
An American Cupcake in London - An amazing food blog. Om nom nom!
Diamonds 'n' Pearls - A gorgeous lady with her gorgeous plus sized fashion blog.
Failure of Imagination - A fabulous art blog.
Messy Carla - An excellent blog from a girl who isn't afraid to be expressive with fashion.
Miss Lucy Loves... - Another excellent fashion and beauty blog
All The Girly Things - This blog accompanies this very talented lady's youtube channel where she does lots of excellent hair tutorials, amongst other things. I have major hair envy here!
Friday is Forever - Another brilliant fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog with brilliant photographs.
Pearls, lace and ruffles - A gorgous fatshion blog. I love her style.

And again, a huge thanks to Bee for giving me this award, I'm delighted! (and you should all follow her, naturally.)

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