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I am a hoarder. I have a lot of 'stuff'. My OH affectionately calls it 'bits and pieces', but I suspect he only refers to it so kindly to my face! Im naturally untidy by nature as well. Its been a long-standing joke that I am not far off turning into Mr Trebus and its a joke I can't really argue with. So I am trying, genuinely trying, to be tidier and declutter a bit.

I've been checking out blogs for ages now trying to get to grips with how to store my make up, my perfumes, my various beauty products. I decided to join the masses and buy some Muji acrylic storage. As I was in central London on my birthday, my OH and I braved Oxford Street to pick up the bits and bobs I wanted the most.

Whilst I was there I saw what I assume should have been a drawer insert, an acrylic box with partitions. I immediately realised that, stood up rather than lying flat ,it would be an excellent storage option for perfumes or nail polishes. So I picked that up amongst the other bits I wanted (more on them later!). I'm happy to say its worked really well, I'm really pleased with it:


It fits all but two of my perfumes, one which sits on an acrylic shelf next to this, one which sits on the top of it, like so:


Eagle eyes amongst you will see that between photos I decided to swap two of my perfumes around! I'm happy that it makes things look a lot better than they did. I'm not 100% happy with how its all set out but its better than before, where everything was just lying around.

As I'm sure you can guess, I decided to buy *those* acrylic storage drawers from Muji. Unfortunately, everyone in the world has decided to buy them too, so I could only get one set of two drawers with the flip top lid (the plan was one of them, and at least one two drawer set without the flip top lid). I had to trot round to the Carnaby Street branch to get the flip top lid drawer set as well. Whilst I was there, the lovely shop assistant informed me that Muji intend to release a proper duplicate of the Kardashian sisters makeup storage. This made me very excited, so I asked her when this would be. She said she wasn't sure, but it was going to be this year. So I haven't bothered to buy any more storage drawers at the moment, because I would really like to wait for a multi-drawer set from Muji instead! The shop assistant said she wasn't sure what price it would be, but that it would be a lot cheaper than the one the Kardashians use. yes, I *might* be a Kardashian superfangirl, but don't hold it against me So, yes, I'm going to keep my eyes and ear peeled for any Muji news. If anyone hears anything about when it'll be released, please let me know. I don't want to end up stalking this nice shop assistant from Muji Carnaby Street, I suspect it'll only end in a lifelong ban from all their stores!!

So, the rest of my makeup storage purchasing is on hold pending an announcement from Muji, but I am continuing with my quest to generally have better storage for my billions of items. At the moment, I have turned my attention to an area of our second bedroom, just below my window, where I have some storage baskets sitting on the floor. The area looks very messy and I'd like to put some storage there. My problem is that the windows are very low in our house, so I only have 60 cm of 'height'. My storage can be up to 160cm long and probably no more than 50cm deep. I'm struggling to find the perfect thing. I can't decide if it'd be ok to have something slightly higher than where the window starts or if that'd be terrible. I kind of wanted to stick an Ikea Expedit of some description in the space (the 4 cube square one, natch), maybe two next to each other, but that's going to be too tall. Or maybe two of three of this Lack side table in white (I have a thing for white furniture), the fact that its on castors would be good given the space it'd be fitting into. I definitely want something open, or where I get the option of purchasing boxes to go into it, but don't have to. I'd like to store handbags in some of the holes, and then maybe my wicker baskets in others. Then use the top to store my hairdryer and straighters on, almost like a dressing table but not (they generally live on the floor at the moment, especially my hairdryer as it doesn't fit on my skinny little mantelpiece. The other option is to swap my current Billy bookcase out of the space right next to the window and move elsewhere and pop in the white 8 cube Expedit, which I could then fill with my bits and bobs, keeping the space below the window lovely and clear. Ohhhhhhh, decisions.

If you haven't fallen asleep with boredom, I'd love your thoughts!

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  1. hi well im kinda fallin asleep. but thats not ur fault. its 02.05 in the morning lol.
    im going crazy about muji boxes, so was just looking around on here.
    thanks for the infor tho, will b wanting one too.

    1. Thanks for checking out my blog! The Muji storage is pretty excellent, I keep checking their site regularly to see if they've started selling the larger storage drawers a la Kim Kardashian, because I'm absolutely desperate for it, my makeup collection is just spilling out all over at the moment, whoops!