Baking: Cupcakes to brighten up bad days


For those of you who know me in real life, you'll know that work has been challenging in the last 6 months. There is little I can do to make things better, but baking cakes can't hurt!

For a recent team meeting I took in these cakes:


Please forgive the poor lighting, we get very little good natural light in the evenings at the moment!

This cupcake holder was a present from my wonderful Mum and I just really wanted to show off my cupcakes on it! The cupcakes are mocha with mocha frosting and vanilla with vanilla frosting. I coloured the vanilla frosting slightly to make a peachy colour. I used my lovely new silicone piping bag fromLakeland to pipe the mocha frosting (I didn't do a particularly brilliant job!) and I decorated the mocha cupcakes with some chocolate covered coffee beans I bought on a recent trip to Bath.

Suffice to say, my cupcakes went down a treat with most people taking some of the spares home for their kids! I used to have the time to bake a little something for every single team meeting. See the pink cupcake storage tins behind the stand? My colleagues at work know these tins mean goodies have been baked for them and seeing the tins gets them rather excited! Recently, I've been so busy and stressed I hadn't baked anything, but I really enjoyed making these the weekend before our meeting, it's really therapeutic for me.

My work colleagues and I will soon be heading our seperate ways, and that makes me really sad to think about. I'll be making sure that, cake-wise at least, we all go out on a bang.

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