Beauty: Thank you, TK Maxx


Going to TK Maxx is always an adventure for me (or a total chore for my poor other half, who seriously regrets inviting me to go with him the other weekend!). There's always something in there I get squeaky and squeal-ey about.

This wasn't the only thing I bought in TK Maxx on this particular trip but it was the most notable at the moment. I had never heard of Korres until the Beauty Boxes hit the internet and the blogging world went crazy. Thanks to the 'Farewell to Boudoir Prive' box and one of the Carmine boxes I have sampled the wild rose 24hr face cream and the citrus body milk, the latter being one of my favourite products ever and I'm hoping someone notices its on my Amazon wishlist, what with my birthday coming up and all :) I was looking for an opportunity to sample some more Korres products. Imagine my delight when I discovered this in TK Maxx:


£5.99 instead of £12.50 was enough of a discount that I could consider purchasing it to try it. It doesn't smell quite how I imagined something with Thyme and Sage would smell, it almost smells like fresh raspberries to me (although I might have fatigue-induced craziness going on...) I must confess I have rather a lot of skincare products to try out but hey, what's one more?! I might even shove this one to the front of the queue so I can use it along with the 24hr cream before I use my samples of it up! I was that excited to be picking up a Korres product I didn't even notice that it is specifically for oily skin with imperfections, which is exactly the sort of skin I have. Ahhh TK Maxx, you have done me proud.

Hopefully I shall be back in a few week's time with my verdict!

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