Beauty: Pound Shop Challenge


Now, my title is slightly deceiving. I actually bought the products I want to show you today from the 99p store. So I saved a WHOLE 2p by not going to Poundland. Amazing.

I am blessed to live in a town with plenty of 99p/Poundland/£ or 2 Plus type shops. these can be beauty product goldmines. All sorts of end of line stock ends up there, along with deadstock from places like Boots (their Botanics range in particular), or such like. I'm a big fan of pound shops, and I always end up picking up lots of things in them, beauty products or otherwise.

One day my work buddies tasked me with going out in search of biscuits. It was a 'we NEED biscuits' sort of day. So I trotted off to the 99p store in search of Maryland cookies. I got them. But I also got these:


I'd like to point out first I didn't buy my beauty products with work petty cash or anything like that! No sir!

On the left we have NYC liquid eyeliner in a plummy-brown colour. I had been looking for a brown liquid liner because, thanks to MUA's incredible Heaven and Earth Palette, I've been wearing a lot of brown shades on my eyes. The NYC one has a thin paintbrush style applicator, which is my preferred applicator for eyeliner (the felt tip pen types just don't work for me). Its not the best quality eyeliner in the world and by the end of the day, it tends to have flaked off, but it lasts enough for me to wear it to work, or put it on before going out and have it last, and its a lovely colour. For 99p, I ain't complaining!

On the right we have Wet n Wild double action mascara. I really love Wet n Wild products. It was reading in a teen magazine that Rachel Bilson from the OC loved their eyeliner that led me to buy one and start drawing my first mini-Amy Winehouse-esque flicks around my eyes. Ahhh, all those years ago. Wet n Wild is harder and harder to find in the UK, which is a shame. It was always very well priced and decent enough quality, especially as a first foray into makeup. The double action mascara is what we have been long used to. The white end is a primer, the black end is the mascara. I'm blessed with lashes that look super long no matter what I put on them, and this works really nicely for me. It lasts the distance as well, staying put all day.

I will regularly tour my local Pound Shops in search of great buys. If I have any luck, I will blog about them here!

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  1. This is Emma B - it simply won't work with my OpenID for some reason, possibly because something at work is blocking it! Anyway...

    I'm a huge recent MUA convert! I'm currently only the proud owner of two £1 eyeshadows, but I'm certain this will change. The silvery grey one I recently bought rivals my Urban Decay S&M eyeshadow, for god's sake - what's not to love?! That palette looks quite tasty... and for £4 it's almost insane *not* to buy it! I spend more than that on lunch most days in central London!

    I'm not really much of an eyeliner user (due to lack of practice and skill rather than desire), so perhaps picking up a cheap one to play with would be a good idea. You'll pry my Lancome L'Extreme mascara out of my cold dead hands though so I'll leave that rec alone ;)

    My area of London certainly has its pound shops too, I must explore them. More money saving tips welcome :) (I'm already looking at sorting the £4 lunch problem... then I can spend the money on make up instead, right?)