Beauty: Beauty Week Day 7 - Pound Shop Challenge


Just recently I've had some good fortune with my local pound shops. They can be brilliant for make-up and nail varnishes. Here's a few items I've purchased recently:


Usually I have zero luck with Revlon polishes in my Poundland, so I was really chuffed to find two on a recent trip. I like greige (grey-beige) and mocha colours so 'Stormy' is fab for me. And whether you are or have ever been an emo kid or not (I totally way!), everyone needs a good black nail varnish, and this one, called Black Star, will more than do the job for me! They dry quickly and last as well as any of my others (I think I abuse my fingernails more than the average person, therefore the polishes never really last but I like to change my nail colours up frequently!).


Collection 2000, now known as just Collection, produce some great products. When I went to a wedding in York a couple of years ago, I managed to leave my makeup bag at home. Really smart! Collection 2000 had a make-up artist in Superdrug and she kindly matched me up to a load of products so I didn't have to look ghostly at the wedding with no makeup on. PHEW. One of the items I loved was Shimmer & Shade, but I dropped it after only a couple of weeks of having it and the pan smashed into crumbs. Woe. I liked it because it highlighted my face and contoured it beautifully. So I was delighted to find this! Its in a different colourway to the one I had, this one is more of a bronzer-cum-highlighter, but its perfect for the summer.


My final item is a finishing powder by Almay. This is a 98% natural translucent powder. I bought it to use with my Maybelline BB Cream in the summertime as I hoped that something natural would feel lighter on my skin. So far, I've really liked using it, it gives a nice coverage and helps keep my makeup in place and matte. It came with a fairly useless little powder puff but I just use my Real Techniques brushes to apply it. It isn't the easiest to get out of the sifter but hey, for £1 you can't complain!!

Are your local pound shops good for make-up treasures? Tell me about your best buys!

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  1. What's the Almay powder working out like? I fancy trying that if I can find it in Poundland :D

    1. Its pretty decent actually! My skin is quite greasy so nothing ever really lasts but it feels nice on my skin and gives me a bit of matt coverage over my Maybelline BB cream but the two together doesn't leave my skin feeling all smothered on hot days! For the crap weather we've been having I have been going back to my Rimmel Stay Matte powder but thats probably more out of habit!

      I have an Almay eyeshadow from the same range and I like it as well (its a sort of lilac colour, quite pale), so yeah, if you have a spare quid or two and you can find any of this stuff definitely give it a whirl I say!