Beauty: Empties Post #1 July


I love reading empties posts on other blogs so I've decided to do one here. An empties post, incase you've never come across one before, is where you photograph all your used up toiletries and do a little review on how you found them and if you'd use them again.

I must warn you, this was an exceptionally boring month for me. I'm on a bit of a buying freeze while I use everything up. And there's a lot to use up!




Garnier Intensive 7 Day Moisturiser This was a 7 day trial, which I used on my legs. I already noticed that, when using the Garnier Gradual Tanner, that my legs were very soft feeling, so I was excited to try this now I'm on a tanning hiatus. This is a milky gel-like consistency with a fresh smell and it did help my legs feel smooth. It soaked in quickly, better that body butters etc that I've tried. Purchase again? Yes, I think I will!

John Freida Brilliant Brunette Liquid Shine and Enhancing Shampoos I had about three John Freida shampoo and conditioner sets on the go at once and this was the last of it used up this month (am I the only person who uses up the conditioner much quicker than the shampoo?). These shampoos are often on offer at Boots and Superdrug. The enhancing shampoo muddied up some highlights that I had last year, and to be honest it was better to use the enhancing shampoo when I was a red head as that faded so quickly! The Liquid Shine range was good though and there is also a Liquid Shine serum with glitter particles in it that is really nice for styling. Purchase again? The enhancing shampoo, no, the liquid shine, yes.

Regis Design Line Get It Pumped Shampoo I was persuaded to buy this by a hairdresser, who insisted on giving me a bouncy hair blowdry once (it was SO bouncy. Hah!). I don't tend to go for a lot of volume in my hair and to be honest, this did previous little for me. Not a bad shampoo, but not worth the price tag on my hair. Purchase again? No.

L'oreal Ever Pure Shampoo and Conditioner Sample This is a sulphate free shampoo and conditioner for coloured hair. I was so impressed with it when I washed and conditioned my hair, but the very next morning (I wash my hair at night normally), my roots were greasy looking, and I had to use dry shampoo on them. Thats supremely not good. I do have another set of samples so I will give it another try, and hope it's better the second time around. Purchase again? Not unless the second sample works miracles.

Imperial Leather Japanese Spa Shower Gel I've had this a while but only just started using it. I use the hand soap version of this sometimes and I like the smell. This is creamy and produces a lot of lather. The smell isn't especially lingering on the skin but its a budget shower gel so I don't mind. I've been showering extremely frequently in that short lived heatwave we had and using lots and lots of shower gel so this got used up in about a week! Purchase again? Not for a while as I have zillions to get through, but yes I would buy this again.

Mitchum Advanced Control 24 Hour Deodorant I started using this when I worked in a job where I was running around all day (even in a 30 degree heatwave, where I found myself on a farm!) and I swear by it. Its really good at keeping me fresh. I don't have such a physically demanding job any more but I carry on using it regardless. This was the unperfumed one so it doesn't interfere with perfume. etc. Purchase again? Yep, I already have!

Caudalie Vinosource Serum S.O.S I got this in a Glossy Box and I assumed I would only use it in emergencies as my face is combination leaning more towards oily. But its totally unlike any other moisturising product I've ever used. Its not remotely greasy and sinks in immediately. Its become a real cult product for me. Purchase again? I already have, but I cheated and bought up all the other 10ml samples on Ebay because that was cheaper than spending £29 on the 30ml bottle.

Not a very inspiring post and I'm really suprised I didn't use up anything else! I'll have to make a more concerted effort next month to use up more interesting products I suppose.

What products did you use up in July?

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  1. I had heard good things about that deodorant but when I bought it totally failed for me! It must just not agree with my skin type or something.
    That's really weird that your hair got greasy the morning after shampooing, hopefully it was just a dud sample or something xo

    1. It can be really harsh if I've just shaved or waxed, otherwise my skin is pretty tough and doesn't flare up easily!

      It *is* weird that my hair did that. I was so happy with how it looked when I'd dried it as well. I'm willing to give it another go anyway. I'm trying to cut down hair washing to at least every second day and I'd like to go longer. So this just wasn't any good!