Beauty: Beauty Week Day 3 - May GlossyBox



This month was Glossybox's first birthday! They're doing a lot of giveaways over on Facebook at the moment to celebrate and they threw a party in London for their ambassadors and team. I was expecting some pretty big things from the box this month, given the previous Harrods collaboration and the obvious pulling power the GB team have with brands to secure samples, etc.


Here's the box, I liked the change in the tissue paper and the ribbon to reflect the birthday theme. Makes it feel like a birthday present!


Here's my card with the items I received.


And here are my items. The Noble Isle shower gel smells pretty nice. Not a brand I have heard of. The scent could easily be made by Molton Brown, if that makes any sense? A good sized sample for a wee trip away. I haven't smelled the perfume samples yet. Getting two samples as one of your items is definitely better than getting one measly sample as an item, especially as you can normally pick these up for free in department stores. I have heard of the brand but as I said, I haven't yet sampled these so not sure if they're for me or not! There were two sachets of the Apivita beauty masks, I do love a good mask so I'm excited to try these, they have natural ingredients in them as well which is always a bonus. I'm thrilled to get the Osmo Berber Oil Hair Treatment. Osmo is a brand I've used before and always liked and I'm a big fan of hair oils so it'll be great to try another out. My final item was some Eldora eyelashes. I've taken a close up picture here:


I don't tend to wear false lashes as I'm pretty lucky to have long lashes of my own. I'm really not sure about these, they are a bit full-on for me what with the mad shape and the diamantes on them. They are pretty though and they would make a nice gift for someone who is a fan of lashes and can carry off a pair like these!

Also included in the box was a balloon for birthday celebration purposes, and a Glossy Box mirror.

If I am completely honest, I'm a little bit underwhelmed by the box this month. As a regular box goes, its ok, but as it was their birthday box I did expect something a bit better, although I'm not really sure what I would have put in instead if it was my decision! I know when Boudoir Prive changed over to be Jolie Box they released a 'Best of Boudoir Prive' box featuring some of their best products. Maybe something like that would have been good? Although I suppose the die-hard folk who have subscribed to every box would be a bit cheesed off to receive duplicates.

I will get use out of everything (except maybe the eyelashes. And possibly not the perfume samples but they're only tiny anyway) so in that respect I can't complain, I just expected something a bit more 'wow' than I received. I will stick with Glossy Box for now, but I am starting to wonder if I should cancel my subscription. I suspect if I need to start making some dramatic spending cuts it will be the first thing to go.

Are you a GlossyBox subscriber? What did you think of the box this month? Did you get the same items as me?

Don't forget to come back tomorrow for Day 4 of Beauty Week!

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  1. Those lashes look super fun to me! Did you get my package today? If you like the bag you could send me those mad-as lashes as a swap? Can't believe I'm commenting to yoink diamante studded eyelases from your very hands, but I'm just blatant like that :D

    Loving these beauty week posts, keep it up :)

    1. They're totally yours! When I saw this comment this morning I panicked a bit about my parcel. Then I found a little red slip from the postman, saying it was in one of my recycling boxes! (totally unharmed, as the binmen wont be coming for ages now anyway!) I love the bag its amazing! It looks a little bit like a small Lulu Guinness Pollyanna, which is just extra brilliant. And I also love the Clinique bag too! Thanks so much Bee, you're a star. Its only fitting that the lashes are yours. Shall I keep it with the other bits to send to your brand new gaff?