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Its been a wee while, my apologies. My usual routine has been knocked for six lately. On the 'real life' side, things are very unsettled at the moment and I cannot wait to have everything ironed out.

In the absence of a post with any substance, I bring you a few of my Instagram pictures from the last couple of weeks. I am @whatlozziedid over on Instagram and my pictures all get sent through to my Twitter account of the same name if you want to follow me on either of those!

Yayoi Kusama at Tate Modern (go see this!), the recently re-opened Cutty Sark, fun times in Piccadilly Circus, the Christian Louboutin exhibition at the Design Museum (go see this too!)

Cute new owl necklace from Ebay, enormous lunch, Revlon lip butter in Candy Apple is finally mine, jumbo Batiste can (400ml!)

Finally my Poundland had some Revlon varnishes in it, got my samples for the Garnier 7 day challenge, brilliant Ikea gift card from my lovely Mum, ridiculously delicious tartelette au chocolat from Paul (the St Pauls branch!)

Yum yum, Rio, Primark ballet flats in the hot hot sun, picturesque place for a 5 minute break, delightful forecast

I found all 6 of these lip products in one handbag during a clear out, overkill!, recentish MUA haul, painting nails and reading magazines, buyapowa haul (post to follow).

Did you like my wee Instagram post? I know weekly posts are popular in the blogosphere but I'm not sure I'd have enough content to post weekly! But, if you liked this post, let me know and I might make it a regular feature :)

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  1. I like it! You've also managed to format them all with the same filter... I seem to choose mine at random so a similar post from me wouldn't be as neat and tidy!

    1. Thank you! Yes, identical formatting was very important to me :) I've decided only to use one filter, although technically I could change now in time for the next post...