Beauty Extra: I'm still obsessed with Latest in Beauty...


Yep. I'm a bit of a stuck record when it comes to Latest in Beauty, but I don't care. I love those great people and all the beauty items they send me in the post in exchange for a few of my hard-earned pounds. In the last few weeks I've bought 3 boxes (excluding the Anti-Ageing box I already blogged about!), and I'm going to blog about two of them today. The first up is the Editor's Choice box which was released at the beginning of last month:


It did contain a few duplicate items, the Eve Lom mask, the Divine Cream and the Emma Hardie serum all featured in the Anti-Ageing box. But I'm absolutely fine with that, it gives me more opportunity to sample these products before deciding whether or not they work well enough for me that I opt to buy full sized versions. The AD skin synergy is a new product to me and I am a fan of serums at the moment, so I'm excited to try this out (it needs to join a bit of a queue behind the other serums I have to sample!). I am really pleased with the nail polish colour from Miners, will be great on fingers or toes in the summer! (If we ever have a summer!). This box cost £5.95 +£2.95 P&P and was worth over £30. I really liked this one!

Whilst unable to possibly wait for another beauty box to arrive (I subscribe to GlossyBox and make it my duty to buy as many Latest in Beauty boxes as I possible can!), I decided to create my own beauty box from the luxury samples pages at Latest in Beauty. Here's what I got:


As you can see, I ended up buying an extra AD skin synergy serum, but again, it'll give me the chance to really try it out before making a decision on whether or not to buy a full sized version. The This Works body lotion came with the Anti-Ageing box as well, but you know where I stand with duplicates by now! I'm really excited to try the Bamford shower gel as I've heard great things. As I have oily/combination skin I'm hoping the Dr Nick Lowe moisturiser can work some magic under my makeup. And the Jo Hansford shampoo and conditioner duo are brilliant sample sizes. My only experience with Jo Hansford products came before I went to university and I decided to dye my hair a sensible dark brown, using a Jo Hansford dye. What I got was 'complete goff black' hair, which took an age to fade out. WHOOPS. But I'm trying the shampoo and conditioner out with a totally open mind. That hair dye experience was 9 (!!!!!!) years ago, and a shampoo can't turn my hair black anyway. The irony was, I'd wanted black hair aged about 16 and tried 3 times, unsuccessfully, to turn my hair black. A few years later I stopped trying and bam! Full on black hair.

I can't rave about Latest in Beauty enough, as you know by now. Next up to blog about will be the fabulous CEW Awards Box, which I will do next week. Seeing as my GlossyBox vs Latest in Beauty Box post has the most views on my entire blog, I might pit April's GlossyBox against the Latest in Beauty CEW box. What do you think?

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  1. These products look awesome! I love subscription boxes as well! I wish this was available here! Thank you for making me jealous (in a good way!) =]